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Getting the Big Pieces

the YCDTOSA files

Welcome to my YCDTOSA review page. What I am attempting to do here is provide a basic guideline- overview- preview of the Stage series, mainly for those of you who have not yet purchased the discs, and would like advice on which ones to buy. Below you will find links to six pages, each of which deals with one volume of the six volume set. I have reviewed the volumes (see criteria below), and have solicited reviews from members of the AFFZ community. The scores following the Volume name are my overall score for that volume, and the current cumulative score. On each page, you will find the individual score of each song, other peoples ratings of the volumes, plus the cumulative score of all available ratings. So...

GRADING- Each track earns 1, 1/2, or 0 points, depending upon how well it meets either or both of the following criteria:

*rarity/uniqueness of the composition
*quality of the performance

Using Volume I tracks as an example: "Mammy Anthem" receives 1 point because it represents the only instrumental release of that song and contains a worthy solo, whereas "Trying to Grow A Chin" receives 0 points because the track is neither unique nor all that well-performed. "Zomby Woof" receives 1/2 point because the arrangement is similar to both other released versions, but the solo is excellent. Finally, "The Torture Never Stops" receives 1 point despite the number of official releases, simply due to the quality of the solo.

In considering the grades, I am comparing the track with ALL official releases, not just those released at the time of the respective Stage releases.

Each volume has been scored by three people at this point (except for Volumes I, III, and IV, which have received 4 evaluations; and Volume V, which has received 5 evaluations).

VOLUME I (my score: 55.4%, cum. score: 50.0%)
VOLUME II (my score: 72.5%, cum. score: 65.83%)
VOLUME III (my score:44.0%, cum. score: 43.0%)
VOLUME IV (my score: 64.7%, cum. score: 58.45%)
VOLUME V (my score: 51.3%, cum. score: 59.21%)
VOLUME VI (my score: 64.9%, cum. score: 52.25%)

If you are interested in contributing to this project, and rating one or more of the Volumes, just go ahead and do so. Give each track either 1, 1/2, or 0 points, send me a track-by-track breakdown of the volume(s), and I will add your score to the respective page(s). If you like, include any comments you may have about the tracks, and a brief overview of your feelings about that particular volume.

1997 turtlestew@compuserve.com