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Prelude to the Pages of Some Sexually Aroused Album Reviews

the Frank Zappa Album files


Yes, your prayers are answered. Yet another set of Frank Zappa album reviews. Posted in no particular order. Just however I feel like writing and posting them.

BUT, there is one thing hopefully different about these reviews. After each review, I have added a section called THE LIVE EFFECT, in which I describe- track-by-track- the effect the particular album has had on the Wonderful World of Live Frank Zappa. Whether the song was performed live or not, when it was performed live, whether it was performed as on the album or markedly different. Essentially the same kind of stuff contained on my "We're Only In It For the Touring" pages, but arranged by album, and not tour.

But, first, the grading scale.

*****-> Damn near perfect

****-> If this does not make you happy, then nothing will

***-> This album has its faults, but there's enough good music here to keep you happy

**-> Watch out! Problems here, but not a complete loss.

*-> Cover your ears now!!


Hot Rats

Chunga's Revenge

Just Another Band from LA


The Grand Wazoo

Bongo Fury

Zoot Allures

Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch