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Try 'em on for size!

Welcome to yet another collection of FZ links. If you're page is not listed below, and you know in your heart that it should be, then drop me a line and help correct this injustice.

We're Only In It for More Vault Releases....
The Vault Wishlist- Lantz's and Naurin's poll on future vault releases- Vote Now!!

We're Only In It for the FAQ's (m'am)....
ARF!- Home of FZ Heritage Studies- Vladimir's excellent site containing a little bit of everything
**If the above link doesn't work, try the Disco site
St. Alphonso's Homepage- still there but no longer breathing
Just What We Need, Another FZ Page- Patrcik Neve's new FAQ page + other FZ delights
Son of FAQ and Return of the Son of FAQ- various FAQ pages and links
Pages en Regalia- Jack Leunissen's Zappa Discography plus....
The Black Page- more FAQ pages and other items of interest

We're Only In It for the Touring...
We're Only In It for the Touring- my second page detailing 20 years of FZ tours
Pat Buzby's unbeatable '88 Tour document- with reviews of all shows
Jon Naurin's setlist page- every available setlist from every available show
Planet of My Dreams- Charles Ulrich's detailed info on The Wazoo Tours, plus other touring and album info

We're Only In It for AFFZ....
Meet your fellow AFFZ members at Darkhop's site

We're Only In It for the In-Depth Analysis...
Biffy the Elephant Shrew Looks at Little House- an in-depth history of the one I used to live in
Biffy the Elephant Shrew looks at Lather- an in-depth history of everyone's favorite album with a cow on the cover
Dan the Kitti Man's Zappa page, including AJ Wilkes excellent article "Sinister Footwear- the Living Composition"

We're Only In It for the Interviews...
Eric Martin's excellent collection of Frank Zappa interviews, plus...

We're Only In It for the Sounds...
Ninja's Midi Files

We're Only In It for the Lyrics...
Roman Garcia Albertos FZ lyrics page

We're Only In It for the Video...
FZ references found in Mystery Science Theater 3000

We're Only In it for the Personal Tributes....
"They're serving burgers in the back!" Sean Gaffney's personal tribute page + tape list
Marcele's FZ Page- A site with original material (text, sounds, and photos) plus ALL the news
"Frank and Elsewhere"- JD's Zappa page with tapelist, links, and more to come.t
SOMA- reviews, dedication, plus cool hippie stuff
ZappaLVR's FZ Website- with excellent Watson-esque essay entitled "Aristophanes and Zappa"
Grab your board and Surf To RRZZZZZ.NET-Joe Frank's new and expanding FZ site, with reviews, MIDI's, and more
The Zappa Files- general info, album reviews, more- a great place to start, and an all around interesting read

We're Only In It for the Trading...
Paul Remington's FZ Tape Trader's Network
Andy's tape-trading page- FZ, Dead, lots of others

We're Only In it to Convince Gail to Release Better Stuff (preferably complete concerts)...
The Official FZ site

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